Campfire Quads CF1-X 5" True X Racing Frame


5" True X version.

  • 5" True X version.


    • Easy swap system and interchangeable arms

    Simply remove the 40x40 screw, loosen the stack screw, and the arm slides right out. Press nuts in the mid plate keep the flight stack intact while you remove the damaged arm or swap between a stretch and true-x.

    • Motor protection and support for under-the-arm motor wires

    Each arm has a 5mm slot at the end (as opposed to a closed hole) to give pilots the option of running their motor wires under the arms with no desoldering of wires required when replacing an arm. This doubles as motor protection and helps keep dirt out of the motor while still supporting the easy swap system.

    • Aerodynamic pods with VTX access, dual camera mounting, and optional integrated antenna holder

    Every frame comes with a finned SMA “Rocketman” pod designed for use with popular stubby antennas and perfect for turtle-mode.

    Our newest pod revision sports dual mounting option allowing pilots to use their favorite micro camera without sacrificing lens protection.

    Additional options such as pods with an integrated GoPro Session mount or AXII antenna cup, as well as GoPro Session cases are available for purchase through Phoenix3D

    • Durability

    Designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing durability. In the event of failure arms are meant to break away from the motors and pod to prevent damage to the electronics. Tight fitting arm slots and press nuts also help mitigate the need to re-tighten screws after a crash.

    Our standard pod was created in collaboration with Mayday FPV and is printed in Nylon; a much harder material than TPU that is also lighter, dye-able to pilot preference, and grants better protection for your equipment against trees, prop strikes, or other quads.

    • Low cost replacement parts

    Replacement arms, pods, battery pads, and frame accessories are offered at low prices to keep you in the air without breaking the bank.

    • Built in battery strap slots

    A simple feature, but one that many frames overlook. Not only did we add slots to the bottom plate but you have two options of where to run the strap: Between the arms or under the ESC.

    • Support for 30x30 and 20x20 stacks


    • ~75g with hardware and pod
    • Frame size - ~206mm
    • Bottom plate - 2mm
    • Mid plate - 2mm
    • Arms - 5mm
    • Hardware - 12.9 steel (screws) and Stainless steel (press nuts)
    • Pod material - 3D printed Nylon
    • Camera support - Micro
    • Camera angles - 30-60 degrees
    • Motor support - 16x16 and 16x19
    • True X supports up to 5.1" props

    What's included:

    • Nylon Pod
    • 5 Carbon fiber arms, 1 bottom plate, and 1 mid plate
    • 4 - M3 30mm steel screws (For 30x30 stack use)
    • 4 - M3 16mm steel screws
    • 4 - M3 12mm steel screws (Replaces the 30x30 stack screws if using 20x20 stack)
    • 4 - M3 6mm steel screws
    • 4 - M3 10mm aluminum standoffs
    • 8 - M3 press nuts
    • 2 - M2 6mm screws for camera mounting

    Recommended Equipment:

    • Flight Controller: Pyro F4 OSD, Helio Spring, Revolt, Talon
    • ESC: 4-in-1 Aikon, Spedix, or any standard size ESC
    • VTX: TBS Unify, AKK
    • RX: CRSF Nano**, FrSky XM+, decased Spektrum
    • Camera: Foxeer Micro, Runcam Micro, or any standard size micro camera
    • Antenna: Luminier Stubby, Luminier AXII***, Foxeer Lollipop*** 
        *** For use with the AXII pod

    Click here for the assembly guide video, or here for the assembly guide image.

    * All pods come in clear. Nylon is dye-able and video instructions for this can be found on our main page or clicking here. Due to the nature of Nylon, each pod may have slight differences in tolerance around the antenna cup due to shrinkage as they cool. We recommend that pods be boiled if left undyed to help make the material less rigid.

    ** A free STL file for a custom Crossfire mount that fits between the CF1's bottom and mid plates is available for download here.

    The CF1 does not support the RaceFlight BOLT ESC. However, some pilots have been able to make it fit.

    Antenna not included.