FridayFPV Slate Top Plate (2mm)

Top Plate - 2mm pure carbon fibre chamfered goodness
  • This being our very first traditional top mounted battery frame, we took our time with how the battery, battery strap and the foam battery pad interacted with the top plate. We optimised the overall width of the plate to maximise the strength of the part but still make sure the battery strap can be torqued down to stop the battery shifting in crashes. We also tried to make the top plate as wide as possible to protect your two-triple stacks sitting below. so this really was a balancing act, with many design considerations. 

    Towards the rear of the plate we have give zip-tie slots for securing your SMA style video antenna down , and then some peep holes further along to check on your electronics if need be.

    The 3mm diameter hole in the centre of the top plate is for the optional centre standoff. This is more for piece-of-mind than anything, but if you decide you would like the added support of the centre standoff it is there if you want.

    Finally, to finish off the edges of the top plate we added a few small ridges along the sides of the plate. These stop your battery strap from sliding along the top plate. Although with the super soft, cushy battery pad installed, we haven't had any issues. So these ridges and just an added layer of security.