CLOSEOUT Lynx LX1273 - BLADE 200SRX - Ultra Dampeners

Lynx LX1273 - BLADE 200SRX - Ultra Dampeners
  • Lynx LX1273 - BLADE 200SRX - Ultra Dampeners

    Here at Lynx Heli Innovations we are helicopter pilots and fly the same models you do.

    The 200SRX system can perform better if special rigid dampeners are used.

    By combining our engineering and helicopter experience we have designed special dampeners that hold the spindle and reduce play to emphasize the semi-rigid head flight characteristics.

    Our dampeners will increase the response and the fly precision in your 200SRX

    These dampeners give your 200SRX an incredibly precise feel in the air. The difference is visible, particularly in fast forward flight and with quick pitch changes.

    Our tests show that 200SRX Lynx dampeners are advised when high head speed is requested.



    - Direct replacement for your 200SRX

    - Increased head rigidity give precise and crispy fly feeling with standard plastic head or with any brand head upgrades parts.

    - Quick move response for the ultimate 3D experience.

    - Incredible spam life resistance.



    - Fine Adjustment Shims Washer: Brass

    - Bushing Material: Techno-Polymer base POM.



    4 x Ultra Dampeners – Bushing

    4 x Fine Adjustment Shims Washer