CLOSEOUT OverSky Micro Quadcopter MX Nano OSD V1 CR32

OverSky Micro Quadcopter MX Nano OSD V1 CR32
  • OverSky Micro Quadcopter MX Nano OSD V1 CR32

    MX Nano OSD is the smallest and lightest OSD on market in the world. Needs no extra soldering trouble, it is plug and play. It has two independent hardware parts for power: one is 5.0V for getting power for digital circuit of ATMEGA and OSD through FTDI port or other 5.0V power; The other is 5.0V from micro DC/DC regulated circuit getting power through video output for power supplying OSD analog circuit part. Besides, MX Nano OSD is compatible with the firmware of MnimOSD and KVTEAMOSD.
         1, Size;30.0*16.0*3.8mm;
         2, Weight:1.7g
         3, Voltage for digital part: 4.8-5.2V;
         4, DC/DC regulated voltage supply:6.0-18.0V;
         5, FTDI connector: 5P 1.0mm JST;
         6, VIDEO output/input connector: 3P 1.0mm JST;
    Options for power supply
    Power supply for ATMEGA & OSD digital circuit part and OSD analog circuit part is from FTDI connector 5.0V: The labeled “GND” and “” soldering points are short-circuited, the labeled “5V” and “12V” soldering points are disconnected.
            *Default: the power supply is from FTDI connector 5.0V!
          *Forbidden: short circuit the two soldering points“” and “5V”at the same time!
    VIDEO format
    MX Nano OSD can figure out the camera video format automatically. If there is no camera is connected, customer can find the PAL soldering point from the back of the board and select the output format of no camera. Default is N, the PAL soldering point is the PAL output exactly.

    Accessories including in the packing list:
         1, Main board for MX Nano OSD;
         2, Two cables for VIDEO output and input (silicon wires, length is 15cm);
         3, One cable for connecting MX Nano OSD and APM board (silicon wire, length is 15cm);
          1)   MnimOSD firmware is for APM and MegaPirateNG; Firmware of KVTEAMOSD is used on MWC         and    MegaPirateNG;
          2) When you are MnimOSD firmware, MX NanoOSD can only be used on APM and can’t be used and connected with GPS alone, it can only read mavlink agreement;
          3) If you want to use it alone, please also connect TX RX with APM; If it is used with Telemetry Radio
    , connect RX, please don’t connect the TX.
          4) When you are using MX Nano OSD, please power camera or OSD and camera are powered at the same time, otherwise the format can’t be figured and no image on the monitor or no information from OSD.
    • Model: CR32
    • Shipping Weight: 15g