Spedix ES30A HV 3-6S ESC BLHeli_S

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Size:14.8x29x5 mm,Weight: 7.9g ;Input:3-6 Cell LiPo,Continue current:30A
Ultra-light and ultra-small ESC beyond imagination;Powered by high performance EFM8BB21 MCU; Flashed with the latest BLHeli_S program;With the combination of dedicated drive chip; Composed of 3 Oz gold plated PCB. Support Dshot

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  • D-SHOT Ready

    This is a new version Spedix BLHeli_S speed 

    controller supporting 3-
    6S LiPo batteries.

    SSKaug stated the features of the new BLHeli_S program in the above thread as:

    "BLHeli_S is an improved version of the base BLHeli code.

    BLHeli_S delivers a throttle response that is Smooth as Silk, and the main factor contributing to this, is that it uses hardware to generate motor PWM. Two MCUs support this for BLHeli_S, namely the BusyBee1 at 24MHz (EFM8BB10F8) and the BusyBee2 at 48MHz (EFM8BB21F16).

    BLHeli_S will have the same good Sync holding properties as base BLHeli. Maybe even better.

    BLHeli_S generally does Startup better than base BLHeli.

    BLHeli_S does damped light. Only.

    BLHeli_S has motor PWM that is Synchronous to the MCU master clock, as it is generated by hardware. This makes the motor Silent.

    BLHeli_S has very Small throttle Steps. The resolution varies between hardware configurations (MCU clock speed and driver type), and is between a nominal 512 steps and 2048 steps.

    BLHeli_S supports very high motor Speeds. A BB1 MCU will support 350k erpm, and the limit of the BB2 is not yet known, so the code is set to limit at 500k erpm.

    BLHeli_S supports regular 1-2ms input signal, as well as Oneshot125, Oneshot42 and Multishot. Autodetected when the ESC sees an input signal.

    Last and by no means least, is Simplicity. If you have a regular setup, just install and go fly (calibrate if your throttle range does not match BLHeli_S default). Or if you need to configure or update, just do so with the Simplicity offered by connecting to your ESCs through the FlightController, using BLHeliSuite and a USB cable."

    Continuous Current: 30A
    Burst Current: 40A
    Input Voltage: 3S-6S LiPO
    Weight: 5.5g with wires and heat shrink wrap
    Dimensions: 25x13mm